Explore a handful of talks from past conference speaking engagements.

@mdo-ular CSS

March 6, 2015

Originally intended to be a blog post, @mdo-ular CSS is a short talk that outlines ten guidelines for how and why I write CSS the way I do. Presented at jQuery UK 2015.

Build your own Bootstrap

October 25, 2013

Given at FOWA 2013 in London, this talk focuses on how it's important to step back and think about your projects as design systems—series of components and flows that come together to create your product.

Frameworks of Tomorrow

May 2, 2013

Nearly two years ago, the type of frameworks we use dramatically changed, and they’ll do the same again in the near future given the trajectory of today's tools. We’ll take a brief look back at the evolution of front-end frameworks and where they may be heading in the year or so. Originally presented at Future Insights Live in Las Vegas.

Desktop-first to Mobile-first with Bootstrap 3

April 25, 2013

With the upcoming release of v3, Bootstrap has switched to a mobile-first approach. We're still finalizing much of the CSS, but the last few months of development have been intense and an awesome learning experience. This talk highlights some of the things I've learned along the way—some design, some code, and some still unanswered questions.

Designing Bootstrap

October 12, 2012

Design is how stuff works, and no where is this more important than widely used front-end tools like Bootstrap. Get the skinny on how and why Bootstrap works the way it does straight from the horse's mouth, the designer of Bootstrap.

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