Inspired by internet friends, here’s a collection of things I use on a daily basis, from software to hardware, for work and for fun.

The Desk

13" M2 MacBook Air

Love the speed, display, and the weight. A no-brainer.

Apple Studio Display

Love the look, and while the XDR is surely even better, I can't justify the price. Just get the Studio Display. Higher refresh rate would be nice, though.

Magic Keyboard with TouchID

If only it came in black. I've had so many keyboards, but having TouchID built in is now a must.

Magic Mouse

I've been using a Logitech MX mouse for awhile, but came back to this recently for the momentum scrolling.

Uplift Desk with Walnut Top

I love this desk. It's 1.75" thick walnut and feels buttery smooth. Sit-stand is a must these days to keep your body somewhat healthy.

Grovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad

Comfy and looks great, keyboard and mouse fit nicely on it. Also doubles as a coaster if you get the larger size.

Grovemade Walnut Desk Shelf

Great display stand and the walnut matches the Uplift desk top nicely.


iPhone 14 Pro Max

It's an iPhone, and it's the biggest, bestest one. Normally I go for Gold, but this time around I did Space Black, 512GB.

Apple Watch Series 8 in Gold

Not much to say here—love the black and gold look of this finish.

M2 iPad Pro 12.9"

While sometimes I write or sketch on the iPad, it's pretty much exclusively for watching TV and movies. I went with the 12.9" because I wanted the largest screen possible.

AirPods 3rd Gen

My everday carry headphones. Just great all around obviously.

AirPods Max

I pretty much use these just for travel thanks to the noise canceling. Super comfy, great sound, silly case.

Apple Dual USB-C Power Adapter

Stop carrying around multiple adapters. This one is all you need for a MacBook, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Super clutch, especially for travel. I prefer this one over the Compact version because it works with the World Travel Adapter Kit and extension cable.


Visual Studio Code

My go-to code editor for just about everything, though I really miss the simplicity of Atom.

CleanShot X

Easily one of the most important tools I use as a designer/developer. Screenshots, screen recordings, and quick editing are indispensable.

iA Writer

The only Markdown writer worth using across Mac, iPad, and iPhone.


Cultured Code nailed the todo list app years ago.

Apple Music

It's great, but I'll always tell you I miss Rdio.


A wonderful Mac menu bar app for quickly changing color modes.


A simple little Mac app that shows what's currently playing.