Principal Design & Brand Architect at GitHub. Creator of Bootstrap. Design advisor. Previously at Twitter. Huge nerd.

Mark is a designer living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2007, he dropped out of college and moved to California to work at a design agency where he designed and developed dozens of projects for clients like Photobucket, Storm8, Facebook, and his personal favorite, Britney Spears.

In 2008, he joined Twitter as a product designer working on Promoted Tweets, Twitter.com during #NewNewTwitter, the Twitter Help Center, and several internal tools. He also created the popular open source front-end toolkit Bootstrap with @fat. In late 2012, he left Twitter to join GitHub.

Starting as a product designer at GitHub, he worked on GitHub Enterprise, helped redesign Issues, redesigned conversations, designed split diffs, shipped mobile web notifications, and iterated on GitHub.com’s overall aesthetic with ships like redesigned repositories, system fonts, dark header, and more.

From late 2015 to early 2017, he served as GitHub’s Director of Design, growing and managing a newly unified team of nearly 30 designers, artists, and writers across Product and Marketing. In early 2017, the GitHub Design team split and he moved to Marketing full-time as Senior Director of Design. For two and a half years, he managed a large team of web designers, engineers, videographers, and artists that maintain GitHub’s brand, marketing sites, and creative campaigns.

In July 2019, he left management to become Principal Designer & Brand Architect, focusing on designing, building, and shipping various brand projects, marketing sites, and other special projects. Some highlights include The GitHub Shop, special projects like GitHub’s intranet (aka The Hub), and event keynotes like GitHub Universe and more.


  • Principal Design & Brand Architect · GitHub

  • Senior Director of Design · GitHub

  • Director of Design · GitHub

  • Senior Product Designer · GitHub

  • Product Designer · Twitter

  • Designer · ZURB

About the site

This URL has been my online home for many years, manifesting at times as a blog or a portfolio until landing on this current single-column blog. Today it’s a bit of an outlet graveyard for my design-and development-related ramblings.

In case you were wondering, this site is:

You can find more about my macOS development setup in my config repo on GitHub. The design and code powering this site, however, is not available for re-use or purchase.

For comments or questions, feel free to ask me on GitHub, on Twitter, or, if you really hate me, via email at markdotto at gmail dot com.