Reintroducing Preboot

February 28, 2013

Preboot 2

Before Bootstrap there was Preboot, a collection of LESS variables and mixins originally released in March 2011 under the name Bootstrap.less. Sensing the need for a larger and more comprehensive framework—and not wanting to launch with our internal name—I stole the Bootstrap name from myself and put that code to better use as the groundwork for a much larger vision. To avoid obvious naming issues, I renamed the project and essentially didn’t touch the it for two years.

Today I’m stoked to reintroduce the project with Preboot 2.

Preboot 2 is essentially a backport of all the improvements done in Bootstrap to the original LESS variables and mixins I wrote, with a little extra on top. In the near future, you’ll see some of these once again shared for Bootstrap 3. But enough of that, here are the highlights:

  • A plethora of useful and customizable variables including grayscale and semantic colors like @black-50 and @brand-success, scaffolding settings like @body-background and @link-color, and typographic shortcuts for font stacks, sizes, headings, and more.
  • A powerful, semantic, and mobile-first grid system to create your own layouts with ease with just three mixins: .make-row(), .make-column(), and .make-column-offset().
  • Several vendor-prefix mixins to streamline writing of common CSS3 functions like transitions, gradients, and more.
  • Several utility mixins for reusing common snippets of code like .clearfix(), .text-truncate(), and more.

Head on over the docs and check it out yourself. Everything is on GitHub, so if you have a feature request or bug to report, just open an issue.