Bootstrap 2 ready for testing and feedback

January 24, 2012

Update: Bootstrap 2 is out and ready for you to dive in. Head over to http://getbootstrap.com to check it out!

My fellow nerds, I’m very happy to announce that Bootstrap 2 drops January 31. To ensure we have the very best release possible, we’re opening up the branch and encouraging everyone to jump in and test the new code. We have a lot of new features, rewritten documentation, and use cases to test with the addition of media queries.

This week at Twitter is Hack Week and Jacob and I have dedicated the entire week to working on Bootstrap 2 to get ready for the release. There’s a ton to do, but we’re confident we can get it all done with your help testing and providing feedback on the new hotness.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Head on over to GitHub and checkout the branch, 2.0-wip. It’s our essentially our master branch right now.
  • Don’t want to check out any code? We’re hosting the latest version of the docs so you can easily load it up on devices and such for testing. (Please don’t host any other version of the docs for now!)
  • Load up the new docs in your favorite (or, ideally, your least favorite) browser or device and start testing.
  • When you find a bug or have feedback, open a new issue on GitHub. Tag it as 2.0-wip right away so we know to prioritize it. Please include as much context and information as possible. If it’s a visual bug, please include a screenshot. If it pertains to javascript, consider including a jsfiddle.
  • If it’s a code fix you can make yourself, go ahead and submit a pull request to 2.0-wip. Be sure to read the Contributing to Bootstrap wiki page first though for a bit of insight into our code practices. (Unsure how to submit a pull request? Learn more here.)

We’re super close to getting Bootstrap 2 out, but we need your help to make it the best it can be. Any help you can spare would be fantastic and much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and see you next Tuesday with the finished release!