Coming in Bootstrap 2: Improved documentation

November 21, 2011

Bootstrap 2 is well under way and has lots of awesome new features and improvements baked in already. One of the most exciting things for me (believe it or not) is the updated documentation.

With Bootstrap 2, our goals for improving documenation includes:

  • Greater visibility into the variations and options for all components in Bootstrap
  • Less filler and more technical documentation for easier reading and learning
  • Continued use of live examples right alongside the technical details of how to use any component

We’re still not done with it yet, but we’re making lots of progress. Some of the highlights thus far include splitting the docs into several subpages for faster load time and ease of use while also revamping the homepage to contain nearly all our marketing messaging and key links. The idea is to keep Bootstrap accessible to all by bubbling up the easy stuff first and easing into the more detailed information as necessary.

As always, lots more is planned and if you have feedback, please file an issue on GitHub so we can address it.