October 28, 2011

Around the middle of this month, Bootstrap became the fourth most-watched repository on GitHub, passing Homebrew, HTML5 Boilerplate, and many other high quality, awesome repos. I’m floored, humbled, and, more than anything, ecstatic.

Given the reception of Bootstrap, I just wanted to recap a few awesome and staggering stats in light of continued efforts to push out v1.4 as soon as possible and continue to jam on v2:

  • Over 560,000 visits to the repo alone
  • Over 8,700 watchers
  • Over 1,400 forks
  • Over 400 issues closed
  • Over 30 contributors

All of that’s huge and is only going to go up as development marches on. Just wanted to say thanks and share some appreciation for all those who have made Bootstrap possible. You guys rock.