Even easier window management with DoublePane

After I had been using Divvy for awhile, I was pointed to DoublePane by a coworker. The app, made by 5am Code, is essentially the barebones version of Divvy, adding only four simple keyboards shortcut to resize windows.

  • ^⌥→ to cover the left 50% of your screen
  • ^⌥← to cover the right 50% of your screen
  • ^⌥↑ to maximize the window
  • ^⌥↓ to go back to the original, non-resized via DoublePane, window size

What’s awesome about DoublePane is that I had been using Divvy, a more expensive ($14) and feature-rich app, to do basically the same thing with it’s custom keyboard shortcut functionality. DoublePane was just another way to do that and only $3 in the Mac App Store, so I opted for that one.

Check it out and see if it suites your needs.