Better, faster Mac window management with Divvy

Divvy is a nifty little (Mac and Windows!) app that helps you quickly resize application windows to just about any size. It does so through it’s implementation of custom global shortcut keys and an intuitive grid-based interface for resizing. If you often need windows side-by-side or just want a faster way to maximize or split windows, Divvy is your weapon of choice.

Divvy Mac

Originally I only set up Divvy to have a shortcut key that brings up the resize grid, having only discovered the custom global shortcuts about a week ago. Now, they rule my life. I’ve got a “smash key” shortcut setup to maximize any window in focus ^⌘⌥-F, another for a left-aligned 50% ^⌘⌥-H, and one more for a right-aligned 50% ^⌘⌥-J. That’s just the beginning though if you like—you can setup whatever shortcuts and grid configurations you like.

Not sold? Download the free trial (direct link) and see how it helps you out, then buy it from the App Store for $14.