HTML5 for Web Designers

HTML5 for Web Designers

Prior to last week, I had been wanting to read HTML5 for Web Designers since it was announced. This weekend, I finally got the chance—and it was a pretty damn good read. (Thanks, Doug, for the gift!)

At under 90 pages, the book is a great primer for HTML5’s loaded background, as well as it’s current state of affairs. It’s by no means an uber technical book; instead, it focuses on practical advice for today. While the book didn’t provide much new information for me, the passages and chapters are brief and to the point. The brevity and tone helps make it an ever faster read than I had imagined. Solid all around.

I was shaky about moving forward with more HTML5 in my personal projects, but reading this book has inspired me to take it more seriously. I’ll be recoding this site in the coming weeks using HTML5 to see how it goes.

Do pick up a copy if you have the chance—you’ll enjoy it!