Work faster with ClipMenu

A few months ago I gave up on using Snippets, a great code snippet manager, largely because my free trial ran out and managing a large library of code snippets just didn’t appeal to me. Since then, I’ve grown accustomed to working (and playing) a bit differently thanks to two changes to my workflow, one of which was installing ClipMenu.

ClipMenu is a sweet application that expands the capabilities of OS X’s default copy and paste to include copy history and, yes, snippets. But that’s not the best part; it also includes a contextual menu that you can summon anywhere and anytime with a global shortcut. Badass.


I use ClipMenu for a few purposes:

  • Copying several things in a row, then retrieving them from the history (max 20 items)
  • Storing links to videos and images I frequently use
  • Storing code snippets like CSS3 properties, base HTML, and even unicode character identities

Unfortunately, development seems to be stalled. The latest tweets from @clipmenu and the app’s creator @naotakaM on Twitter were from May of 2010. That said, the app is wonderfully simplistic and I haven’t encountered any bugs. It works great and has ever since I installed it.

Like what you see? Give it a download. You might be interested in my customized menu bar icon which hollows out the clipboard icon to lighten up it’s presence in the menu bar.

(Oh, and the second change was moving to Less CSS to add variables, mixins, and more to my CSS.)