Track awesome code snippets with GitHub

I don’t push code to GitHub at all—not yet at least. I don’t code enough and I don’t think I really have anything to share there either. It’s a well designed product that provides an invaluable service to tons of people—hosting repositories of shared or open source code bases. It provides an entirely different service for me: tracking awesomeness.

Watched repositories in GitHub

It just hit me that I use GitHub like this, and it hit me like a (small) rock. How often have you searched for some awesome jQuery plugin, cool new Javascript library, application add-on, and the like? It happens nearly every time I start a new project or someone else I know asks me Hey, do you know of anything that does X?

Watching repos that I use a lot or that I’d want to play with down the line makes perfect sense—and GitHub is the best tool to do it.