Twitter for news

Digg has relaunched to a two types of user reaction: hate and love. Problem is, I think the hate side is winning. They’ve clearly repositioned themselves as someone who wants to compete in the social and news arenas. Their goal is to help people consume more meaningful or important news, and they’re aiming to do it with a new focus on “My News” and building up followers.

The only real difference I see between the new Digg and Twitter is that Digg is a narrow-focused version of Twitter. Twitter is an information network that’s different for a lot of people. It’s built to be that way—you make it serve whatever purpose you want it to; some use it for news, others friends, and still others marketing.

At the very least, I’m certainly intrigued to see how this focused application of Twitter’s core functionality will work out for them, their users, and (as the quote mentions) publishers.