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The perfect sandwich

The sandwich is a wonderful thing. Not any specific sandwich, just the sandwich. It’s delicious, easy to hold, portable, and full of the best ingredients.

Now, take a moment to imagine you just bought your favorite sandwich. You pay, pick it up, and head on your merry way. But just as your about to feast, you notice there is something slightly off about it. And then you realize.

This is the worst sandwich that’s ever been made.

The bread is manhandled, ingredients unevenly layered, and condiments woefully misappropriated. If you’re anything like me, this is where the hanger sets in. How could someone not make my favoritest sando in the whole wide world, turkey-bacon-club-with-avocado-lightly-toasted? Easy, actually.

That motherfucker didn’t care about your sandwich.

The grand finale, the big reveal, the whole shebang—it was foolhardily cast aside because he didn’t have the time, the care, or the drive. He took the easy way out and didn’t give that sandwich his all. And now, the feast? It’s ruined.

I trust the metaphor is not lost upon you. Take pride in what you do, all the way to the end. People can easily get accustomed to bad sandwiches—or whatever it is you do—but deep down they know it could be so much better. Give them that. It might take a bit more time and effort, but the rewards can be so great.

Give them… the perfect sandwich.


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