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This is Yahoo

After reading 37signals’ blog post, What happens after Yahoo acquires you, I figured I’d go check out some of these acquired services and see where they are now. I was so disappointed I had to stop after only visting one website, Upcoming.

Below are screenshots of the current and (not so) new beta sites. The current looks okay, but the new beta feels like something completely different. Take a look and judge for yourself.




Upcoming Beta

The site has no life, no vision, no personality. Both variations feel stale and without any compelling reasons to use the service. On top of that, it can’t remember that I’m not in New Jersey on refresh, despite telling it so several times before. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. There’s no love in this thing at all anymore, and it appears that’s the common effect of being acquired by Yahoo.

I had another snarky title planned for this one, but Upcoming’s site really does say it all (right below the search bar in the top right).

This is Yahoo.


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