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The 800 pound two-year old gorilla in the room

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Nobody cares.

Not your mom, not your grandpa, not your brothers or sisters, not the couple in the apartment down from you, not any of the kids in high school using computer labs, and certainly none of the people using Internet Explorer.

People use Internet Explorer for a handful of reasons:

  • It’s always there, begging for clicks with that X-Men colored lowercase e.
  • It’s what they’re used to using (IE6 anyone?).
  • And, they just don’t know anything better exists.

Most importantly, they probably don’t even care anything else exists. No one outside of those Web developers and designers using these newfangled technologies actually care about them. Most people only care about finishing the task at hand.

Need to buy something off Amazon? Internet Explorer. Need to check CNN.com for some news? Internet Explorer. Need to run a local instance of your Rails app so you can quickly and efficiently debug those new features with awesome tools, wicked fast performance, and generally awesome UI? Probably not Internet Explorer.

The average Internet user has no idea any of these things exist, and they shouldn’t have to. Bragging about the technologies instead of shipping awesome, ubiquitous, easy-to-use software isn’t helping.

Get your crap together, Firefox—there is an 800 pound two-year old gorilla in the room and he isn’t going anywhere but up.


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