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Every iPhone weather app sucks, except for one

Disclaimer: I know there is a default weather app for iPhones, but honestly, I hate looking at it and the weather information is hardly ever accurate for me. It is still useful, though, and likely more than enough for a lot of people. Thus, I have not included it in this post.

Every iPhone weather app I’ve used, or contemplated using, is a complete clusterfuck. They’re poorly designed, hard to use, hard on the eyes, have annoying advertisements, and tons of useless features. No, thanks, guys. All but one weather app are pure garbage—and that one is World Weather by TapTap.

Here’s a look at what I’m talking about. These apps have randomly placed buttons, inconsistent tabs and navigations, random effects, cramped interfaces, and they all lack any kind of default-app-style polish.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

The list of grievances and design disasters goes on:

  • Completely random alignment of icons, buttons, and text
  • Non-Apple style alert badges in the icon tray at the bottom of the screen in Accuweather
  • A chat bubble as a “button” to share current conditions with friends in Weather Channel Max
  • Stacked nav options at the bottom of the screen to miss-tap every chance you get (all but Weatherbug)
  • And removing ads from your screenshots in the App Store when they’re still there in the app in Weatherbug

And that’s just the main screens! The one that shines among these horrible experiences, World Weather, strips a lot of the cruft out of the way, presenting you with a clean UI and the information you need at a glance.

screenshot screenshot

In the above left screenshot, you have the default view. You get the city name, time, current conditions, high/low for the day, wind speed and direction, and last updated timestamp. Oh, and did I mention the big juicy backgrounds are animated? Yeah, drool on.

When you tap the information at the bottom, you get the screenshot on the right. It’s easy to read and well organized. Everything is well structure and concise. Me likey.

The other (somewhat hidden) feature I love about World Weather is the simplified landscape mode. Just turn your iPhone over and you get a look at the next six days (slide left or right with your finger to view more than the default three).


I think my only feedback for World Weather is to smooth the transitions from portrait to landscape and use a “live icon” (meaning the app icon shows current conditions, like the native Calendar app does).

Otherwise, the app does everything I need it to and looks great doing it. At only $0.99 for the app, I’d say it’s a worthy investment of an app. Go get it.


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