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Reasons banks suck: communication

It’s not hard to be good at communicating. It takes minimal effort to be up front and to the point with people, but I do recognize it takes time to develop those skills. Banks in generally really, really, really suck at communicating well with their customers.

Above is an email I just received from Chase. It’s clear from the content of the email Chase has no respect for my time and is confident in its assumption that I’m a complete dumbass. They emailed me to tell me they sent me a message somewhere else. This is the single most annoying type of email—it’s more annoying than spam.

If Chase really had their shit together here, they would send me an email telling me what they need to tell me. Instead I have to sign into their app and go to their broke-ass janky message center and read something that I probably don’t need to read anyway.


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