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Total Finder pwns me

Holy underwear! I’m pretty pumped about this plugin for Finder. It’s called Total Finder and it sits right on top of your Finder.app and gives you a sweet set of features. Here’s a few I’m particular interested in:

  • Tabbed interface: I freaking hate having a bunch of windows open in Finder, so this is great. Added bonus? It’s Google Chrome style tabs. I like.
  • Visor, a shortcut-key initiated slide-in window. That’s a mouthful. Assign a shortcut key, press it, and Total Finder slides into focus.
  • A shortcut key to toggle hidden system files, a must if you want to see .htaccess or .svn files.
  • Dual mode, a split-pane view in a single tab allowing you to quickly compare two folders side-by-side (kind of like the awesome Transmit application).

Total Finder

It’s in alpha testing right now, but when it comes out it’ll be $15. I dare say I’ll be ready to throw down the cash when it’s finalized.


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